App Development

First let's understand.

What kind of application do you want to develop?

What's it language? Is it Serious or witty?

We must first understand all this, and then you can count on us to take it to the next level.

Now, formulate a strategy.

The strategy in building an application consists of several main plans:

Target your audience, the goals you want to achieve with this app,

And of course, the added value that makes it special - which will lead us throughout the planning of exposing the app to the world.

And now, to work!

After all the exciting planning, it's time to start!

We will start developing the app for iPhone and Android,

emphasis on original thinking and full technical characterization.

App Development

App Development

Have you thought of an incredible idea that you just cannot get out of your mind?

This excitement, the fire you have now, keep it going! App development is an exciting process, no doubt, yet complex and accurate.

Note the following steps:

Test your idea

First, check that your idea does not already exist! Yes, we know you are sure that such a thing could not be exist, but sometimes unfortunately we do not know the market widely enough, and we have no idea that our idea was already brought to life by others.

As the saying goes: "Great minds think alike."

Evaluate the investment

Before you start running with the idea, it is advisable to check the amount of investment you are going to spend on it.

Once you have tested all of this, you can start running

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Characterization of your application

Planning the project and looking ahead, is a very important step on the way to a successfully built app. Here you are actually planning the construction of the building you are about to build, so accurate planning is required before you even start working on it.

The more accurate the vision in the characterization, the more accurately you will be able to picture the results, which will help the people you recruit to be more accurate in their work.

UI / UX design

The design you are planning for your app should be very clear to you, even before the app has started to be built.

You need to know what to expect when you imagine the finished product. for that reason, the design planning must end before construction begins, so that the app developers can see more or less the same image you see in your head - and work accordingly.

Simulating the graphic designer is vital at this point, so that everyone can understand and rely on exactly what you want.

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The management system in the app

In most applications, only the application manager has access to the management systems that control the entire application. The management system has the images, transactions, payments, the users' protected information and more.

There are applications where the management system is made up of several types of users according to a certain hierarchy of management ranks. Everything is adapted to the initial agreement reached with the customer.

It is very important that you share the management in your app properly, who knows where the app will go, and how it will pay off in the future.

Application programming

Programming the application requires proper planning, and compliance with the rules.

Without clear knowledge of the rules, the application will not be able to enter the app stores, and all your work was for nothing.

Sometimes, even if you have complied with the rules of Google or Apple, something in their instructions may change. In-depth knowledge of the rules is required, do not skip it.

פרסום אפליקציות

It's time for testing.

Professional tests do not have to be once or twice. We would even recommend appointing a special team in charge of it. It's very important!

You have to check that everything you have planned both in terms of design and programming, everything is all assimilated the exact way you wanted.

Then, start performing simulations. Possible Scripts. Let's say a person enters the app. Be for a moment the user and not the creators. This will surely open your mind for some more fixes and ideas.

A comprehensive inspection of faults and bugs is required, the application must be opened from any type of mobile device.

At the end, submit an inspection report that marks all the faults and instructs how to fix them.

Repeat this section several times, until there are no corrections left at all.

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If you have successfully passed all these steps - you should!

You have checked, confirmed, you meet the requirements, the app operating properly… You can start registering with the app stores.

Please note, when you begin the registration process in front of Apple and Google stores, be prepared that it may take a few days and even a month. Be patient.

Start marketing!

The app in stores, everything is ticking well - now is your moment to market it.

There are all kinds of marketing channels, the question is which channels are right for your app.

The marketing channels work according to the target audience that is tailored to you, and the marketing method that is tailored to the app.

Good Luck!

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