Organic SEO

First let's understand.

Who are your competitors? What's going on in your target market? What trends are expected in your industry?

First, we will understand all this, and we make an accurate analysis in order to understand where you are in comparison to the market.

We must also understand which keywords are most relevant to your promotion, and which leading phrases can benefit your promotion.

Our goal at this point is to understand which words are most effective within your budget, which will generate leads from new customers.

Now we formulate a strategy.

In order to promote a business properly, first we must to formulate a strategy. The strategy isn't temporary, it is for the long run, to know how to plan any of our future steps well.

To formulate a strategy, we choose which externals sites are worth publishing articles on, and which ones are worth publishing links to the site.

Our goal is basically to plan the best way for your business to reach the very first page of google search, to increase your site organic traffic – without paying a dime.

And now, to work!

We begin with the promotion itself, including taking care of the graph improvement and constant review.

There are constant improvements in this area, which include entering phrases, combining links with relevant articles, and proper optimization.

Organic SEO

Google SEO

Welcome to Google

Imagine a separate universe, with its own rules, with clear decisions, to which you come as new guests trying to understand the rules of the game. Such is Google. A complex and wonderful universe at the same time. You can win, but you can also lose. It all depends on how attentive you are to the rules, and this will convince Google that your site is reliable and good, and that it deserves to be in a high position in the search engine.

At first, you have to match your site to the search engine. How do you do that? By Website Optimizer. Optimization is basically your way of talking to Google so that it understands that the site is relevant to the keywords we want to refer to.

Well, how do you do that?

Google is smart. Google employees have developed a method which invents tags in order to translate the words on your site, into a language that Google understands.

There are many other parameters by which we examine the site, from which we produce a good strategy to promote your site in the best way.

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Keyword research

If you have researched carefully what keywords are most relevant to you, you have already done half the job.

Your goal is to find phrases that can cause conversions on the site and increase your exposure. The phrases can be general, or very specific. Phrases that will lead the user to precise guidance, can direct him to your site, where he will "understand" that you are what he wanted and looked for.

How to produce accurate and directed word research?

  • Find targeted word phrases, with the greatest potential.
  • Refer to the numbers that Google shows, even though they aren’t showing the full picture (take into a consideration the information is only partial). Keep in mind that the numbers are a small part of many other parameters.

How do you overtake our competitors?

There are a lot of sites on Google, and many of them have even been highly rated before you. You should know who your competitors are for several reasons:

  • To know what words our competitors forgot to use, so we will know their Achilles heel and we will use it for our benefit.
  • To know who our competitors are in each specific expression group.

Our goal is to formulate a promotion strategy that will allow us to win the race right now, along with long-term seed planting.

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You should create links.

Natural links are a difficult thing to do, and they based of a lot of delicate parameters. There is no doubt that you need to know how to do it right.

Understand the intentions of the system:

Basically, the intention of the Google system is to know everything about you.

The more information he can get from you and about you - the easier it is for Google to give a platform to businesses that advertise their products to the private users.

The more we are connected to things, the more Google can track our activity, know where we have visited and what we are happy with, and use it.


Google SEO can be done well, but there is no exact formula for it.

The main job of website promotion is to use the tools we have written here, and at the same time, keep an eye on what is happening - and adjust the following actions accordingly.

SEO אורגני

Organic SEO


Before anything in life, you should research carefully. Especially if you are going to "release” your product to a wider market. You need to know everything: Starting with who your competitors are, how do they are working to promote themselves? And at the same time - what do you want to show when you release your website?

Secrets in the building site

Building a website is more work than you might think. There is a big and deep strategy below the surface. The site needs to be built so that Google can scan and rank it.

Therefore, it is recommended to do some research before building the site, so that all the content will be exactly in place and the site is persuasive and efficient.

The choice of words

Words are a wonderful thing. They can build worlds. This also applies to Google's content worlds. Once you use the right phrases, and manage to do so in the right way, you can be the very first in the search engine.

Think of phrases that best describe your business. This can be a basic description of the business, its location, and more. Be creative. Try to get into the head of the person who is about to look for you. Ultimately this is your target audience.

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When Google indexes

Keep in mind that you must have your website indexed by Google. Unfortunately, if its not indexed - it is considered as non-existent. This is actually your definition in this huge database that’s called Google.

If your site is lost somewhere in the web, no one will find you.


Links – as many links as possible. Link yourself externally to wherever possible, in order to get your site ranking up.

Sharing your content can get people to come to your site, and thus to get exposed to you for the first time (and maybe even become future customers)

The links should be related to your content domain of course, and not be unrelated - literally ;)

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Quality content

Everywhere we go, even if we are not aware - there is content presented to us.

The world is full of content, and is without a doubt one of the most important components in everything.

We all consume more content than we think, so good content can promote your site excellently in organic promotion.

You should produce professional and quality content as much as possible - in order to attract potential customers.


The world has become one big social universe. We are talking, of course, about a universe where we are all within social networks.

The social network is one of the best places for advertising, certainly when it is done organically.

Through online advertising, you can insert a link to your site, which must of course be accompanied by content that the website user will enter.

Every entry to the site can guide you on the right path! Create quality and accurate content and lead people to your site. If you are good, it will happen.

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