Reputation Management

First let's understand.

First of all, you should focus and understand - why do you need reputation management? If it is a matter of negative mention on the net, or just the wring kind of image that created on you in general? The motive is important, in order to clear your name and do the opposite - make it the hot name in the industry.

We will formulate a strategy.

It’s time to think of an exact strategy that will clear your name and give you the name and reputation you desire. It can be by a positive mention in Google - which surpasses the negative mentions and pushes them down, it can be by articles on news sites, good advertising on social networks and more.

And now, to work!

After we understood what are the potential courses of action we can take, it's time to start implementing them! It's important to remember that there is no one exact way, and patience is required for the process. Reputation management is something that takes time but eventually it is worth it all.

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Online Reputation Management

There is a saying that our name is the most important thing in our career (that also applies to life, in general…) for that we agree.

The accumulated reputation accompanies us throughout life, and when we approach something that is supposedly 'great', our reputation sometimes will be tested.

The search of information about us can occur even on a simple Google search, it is actually very common.

The search can occur whether we are trying to get a job, rent an apartment, or even just know the background of the person in front of us. Some people even come on a date after such a background check ....

If so, it's worth investing in a good reputation, right?

So it is, that can be very profitable of a business. Reputation management can literally lift a business off the lowest place, and make it look good and professional to any of its future clients.

What exactly is reputation management?

Reputation management is basically how we look online. Online - refers to any platform of media, but especially Google. Google search has become more and more common, so your reputation there is crucial!

Clearing search results that can seem negative for example, is part of good reputation management.

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So how do you perform a good reputation management?

Negative mention in Google. Such mentions can be suppressed to the bottom of a google search page with the help of SEO.

Also, you should contact the site owner and tell him about your problem. Sometimes it will work, and sometimes it will not. Sometimes the site owner will be afraid of a lawsuit and will not want to mess with such things, so the negative mentions will be deleted soon. Sometimes not, and for that there are other ways.

Talk to Google

Ask Google, in the simplest way - to remove the result from its search fields.

They may reject your request (that’s even likely), but in some cases regarding a person's privacy, they will agree.

News sites

If you were familiar with Google, you would know that the thing it "likes" to index fast is content displayed on powerful and large news sites. Almost exclusively these are phrases that are higher in Google's search results.

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Professional videos

Videos that show you in a professional and good light, can represent you well online.

Think of a person who speaks with charisma and confidence in front of you – do you have more confidence in him? Naturally this is what happens to us as human beings when we look at someone who does.

Safe speech that indicates professionalism, indicates a deep understanding of your profession, and thus conveys credibility.

Try to post these videos on YouTube and on as many platforms as possible.

Social Media

Social networks dominate the world so much that people sometimes seem to believe them more than the things written on Google.

LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the most powerful sites in the world.

Strengthen your social profiles, and they will be among the first to pop us when someone is locking for you or your business.

Show control in the field

Try to be interviewed in places that link you to sites in your field.

Interviews are something that can progress well in Google.

In conclusion

We know that the reputation management process consists of a lot of parameters, and sometimes it seems hopeless in the face of Google's powerful system.

But when done well, from the start to the end, you can see beneficial results.

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