Social Media Marketing

First let's understand.

The world of social networking is the biggest digital revolution that has ever happened.

It seems that everyone already has some profile on the net. Which means that advertising your business can reach so many audiences that it's such a shame to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

First of all, we understand who your target audience is, where your content is should go, and what is that content.

We will formulate a strategy.

The strategy we formulate here is highly depends on the specific social network and your business.

The implication is that if, for example, the content of your business is mainly based on visibility (hairdresser, cosmetics, etc.) then the social network Instagram should be your leading platform in terms of marketing.

And now, to work!

Once we have formulated a strategy, and we know who our target audience is, we can start creating quality content and managing it :)

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

These are all different social networks, and the content varies from one to another, but the concept will remain the same – and will be unique to your business.

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Social Media Marketing

The world has changed.

The digital revolution that has taken place in recent years, has been a huge breakthrough in the entire field of marketing, and especially digital marketing.

In the past, there used to be advertisers on the streets, in billboards, in the newspaper and more - today the advertising takes place mainly on social networks.

This revolution brought businesses closer to their target audience. It means that you do not have to "shoot" all over and hope that someone likes the product you are advertising. You directly choose the right audience who loves your products, services or the content you produce.

The main goals in advertising your business online are:

  • Targeted promotion of your products
  • Create hot leads that generate new customers for your business
  • Reactivity and involvement – proof that the business is working and active in order to make you attractive to you audience.
  • Clear presence and good visibility in the media (looking up-to-date and trendy in few particular businesses).
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How do you get started? First of all, with a good strategy.

The right strategy for your business, is basically an initial roadmap showing a clear direction, and expectations for the distant future. Every business owner knows more or less what are the best-selling products (which he can emphasize in the social media platforms) and all sorts of tactics that, combined with the right professional for the process, can lead you in the right path.

What is important for you to do?

First of all, it is very important that you maintain consistency.

Business need to convey consistency to their clients. For example, if you are on Facebook or Instagram - it does not really matter. What matters here is your consistency, and the ability of your followers to follow in every platform and still get the same information. You can't, lets say, throw an event and publish it on only one platform. It is important to expose all the information you want to your audience to see on all the platforms you use.

Of course, everything has to be very organized and accurate, in order to eventually get beneficial results. Set yourself clear goals, and see each time whether you are approaching them and navigate yourself to the right way.

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Publish sequentially, while maintaining quality

People do not like to be abandoned. Anything related to this feeling, causes them to walk away.

Continuous online advertising, and in fact the statement that "we're here and here to stay", will make your followers trust you as a business, and even wait for the content you produce.

It is important to set boundaries for this as well, because too much publicity actually causes distancing due to the "lack of self-awareness" that emerges from it. Everything has to be balanced and accurate.

There are an ideal number of posts that are accurate for each business, it varies according to its nature, but too many posts can always lead to a sense of inconvenience and removal of followers on social media.

Removal of followers can also happen in case where a business seems to be inactive online.

Even if your business is alive and kicking in reality, a long period of disconnection may present you as disappearing and "dead" digitally.

Make sure you stay involved

Pay attention to your customers. Check the messages from them, what they have to say, answer their questions in a nice way.

The higher the level of caring you show your audience, the more your business will be remembered in their head as a pleasant and nice place that receives their questions and is here for every of their needs.

Good Luck!

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